Product Manager at MetaLab

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Remote (+/- 3 hours PST) or Victoria or Vancouver • Full-Time • Posted 69 weeks ago

We are open to candidates +/- 3 hours PST for this role.

MetaLab has a long history of shipping beautiful, successful products. As a Product Manager, you’ll work closely with the client to help shape business objectives and understand user needs, while supporting design and engineering in a multitude of ways. Your role will ensure that we’re bringing forward the best possible product to our clients and their customers. This a growing role at MetaLab so there are a lot of opportunities to shape how we work together and ship incredible products.

Your responsibilities:

  • Work with the project leads to define the product vision based on business goals and customer insights.
  • Identify business strategy gaps and assumptions that need validation. Help clients define their product-market fit hypothesis. Collaborate during the research phase to better understand users’ needs, helps define testing and validation strategies.
  • Create, drive, and manage the product roadmap. Have an ongoing evaluation of technical, functional (UX), and performance trade-offs—make scope recommendations to clients. Continuously educate our clients on how we work and get product to the market.
  • Track and curate new feature ideas. Work with client partners to define future product opportunities.
  • Support a cross-functional working environment and ensure all voices are heard. Challenge the team throughout design and development cycles. Build and maintain productive relationships with client stakeholders and internal project teams.
  • Lead requirements gathering and documentation for research, design, and engineering. Own the user and business needs to ensure we’re putting the best product into the world.
  • Play an active role in mitigating delivery impediments such as backend dependencies, 3rd party milestones, and other business initiatives.
  • Collaborate with engineering lead and project management to assess backend requirements, priorities, and estimates.

The must-have short list:

  • Experience shipping multiple concurrent products (bonus points if it’s at an agency)
  • Excellent communicator utilizing all modes of communications (narrative, visual, etc) to ensure alignment on the product vision. Confident and effective communication with senior stakeholders
  • Experience working with cross-functional teams in design, engineering, research, and content
  • Exceptional communication skills, including an unparalleled ability to read the room (and these days, a Zoom call)
  • A nuanced understanding of the differences working with startups and enterprise clients
  • Have an in-depth understanding of what each discipline needs for effective documentation
  • Comfortable defining new processes and assessing where to provide the most value on a project by project basis
  • Comfortable scoping new initiatives, taking calculated risks, and presenting to executives
  • Able to empathetically and effectively engage with users, translating their emotions into real solutions
  • Not an asshole