Product Manager - User Operations at Assurance

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Remote • Full-Time • Posted 66 weeks ago

About Assurance

At Assurance we are disrupting the antiquated and inefficient world of insurance and financial services. Our team of world class software engineers, data scientists, and business professionals are modernizing how people obtain and manage their financial life all through our powerful platform ecosystem. We are rapidly growing as we expand our product offerings and global footprint, and this growth continues to present new and exciting challenges as we push our industry into its future. We eliminate waste throughout the industry and calculate the complex into simple, valuable solutions to improve people’s lives. We are humble, driven, and committed to improving the lives of millions.

About the Position

You will be on theUser Operationsteam.Our team strategizes the entire journey of an agent’s experience with Assurance from Day1 andturn them into delightful software products.

We know that a product feature doesn’t end when our team launches new products or product iterations.One of which is YOU, ourProduct Operations Manager,who willmanagethe product stack for the current onboarding, support, and agent lifecycle tools. Lead the experimentation, iteration and improvement ofallthe existing products that are part of the Agent Operations team.

Youwill help with the entire cycle of analysis, R&D, maintenance, measuring, and iterating on these products.Youwill work cross-functionally (i.e., think Data Science, Agent Marketing, Engineering, Finance, Operations) to ensure what we are building is in alignment with all stakeholders.

In this position, you will be supporting both internal and external users’ tools. This includes but is not limitedto:onboarding, performance management, workforce management, learning and development, and support.

From both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators,an agent should deemAssurancethe bestplace to build their business selling health and financial wellness products.It’s a lot, we know. That’s what makes it exciting!

About You

You’re motivated by big-hairy-audacious goals and the challenges related to them. You look forward to being in an environment where you are buildingand contributingfrom the ground up. You’re most comfortable in an environment where you can move fast, and you think of failure as a great opportunity to learn and evolve.You’re a great listener when it comes tostakeholders and peerfeedback.You have expertise in yourfield,but you are alsoeager to learn, grow, build and succeed.

Essential competencies to be successful in the role:

  • Data oriented:You collect, organize, analyze both quantitative and qualitative data to ensure team members have the insights required to make decisions. Whether it be Net Promoter Score or Customer feedback, you’ll keep usdata informed.
  • Experimentation:You look at processes, inefficiencies, broken components and think ‘how can I drive further efficiency here?’
  • Communication:For both internal and external users,sharinginformationisa must. Whether it be for tools, processes,best practices,orfeatures;you trainothers, educateothers, and documentevery step of the way.
  • Storytelling:You are the advisor to Productteams and other executive stakeholders.You can articulatepoints that are compelling, articulate, and conciseso you get buy-into decide how/where to iterate.
  • Learning & Growth:You know that learning never stops.You are hungry to learn quickly and constantly.
  • Problem Solving:You identify problems and opportunities, can prioritize rigorously, and find solutions.You roll up your sleeves and get down to business.

The following additional experience is highly desired:

  • Previous work experience working cross-functionally.
  • 3-4 years of in one of these roles: Product Manager, Product Analyst, Implementation, or Operations
  • Creates and refines processes
  • Experience selecting, implementing, and activating tools across the org
  • Understand technology stacks and product stacks.
  • Experience with software tools such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Intercom, etc.
  • Expert SQL knowledge is a must.
  • Previous work experience working cross-functionally with manystakeholders

What Assurance Offers

At Assurance, we strive for audacious goals, and we’re relentless in our pursuit to be the very best we can be, personally and professionally. Our benefits program is intended to enable every Assurance employee to be the best version of themselves. Our culture clears the way for you to challenge yourself and achieve the impossible. Learn more about what makesAssurance

Our Culture

Trust and Autonomy

At Assurance, we hire experts in their field, and we give them the independence and trust to build based on their expertise. We find that brilliant people, given this freedom and trust, will collaborate to build far more amazing things than they could ever be directed to create.

Drive toInnovate

We don’t settle for the status quo – we’re a team of innovators who believe that there’s almost always a better way. We operate on first principles – we challenge commonly held assumptions to create new and better solutions from scratch. In our short history we’ve made alotprogresswith this mentality, launching new business lines and innovative products constantly. Followingourhistoric acquisition by Prudential, wehave more support than ever to innovate and change the world of insurance and financial services.

Humble Collaboration

We leave ego at the door and work together to uncover the truth. We prioritize what is best for the whole and avoid focusing on what is best for the individual. We all care about achieving goals more than looking good, and we’re eager to constantly belearningfrom each other.

Our Benefits

Flexible Working Environment

Your schedule and working hours are up to you at Assurance. We care more about results than when and where you get your work done, and we find that a flexible schedule can help alleviate the stress of a rigid work-life balance.

Unlimited Time Off

We work hard, so it’s important that we take time to refresh and reset when we need it. We empower our employees to take the time thatmakesense for them.

Nutritional Snacks and Weekly Lunches

We encourage a healthy lifestyle for employees in allwaysthat we can, and we don’t want it to be tough to find sustenance when you’re hard at work! We provide healthy, nutritional snacks throughout our office. We alsohosta weekly lunch, featuring top local restaurants, to accompanyourall-company meeting.

Commuter Benefits

We want to make sure it’s easy for you to get to and from work, so we a provide free public transportation or greatlysubsidizedparkingclose to our office.

Inspiring Offices

From the beginning, our founders believed that beautiful, open, inspiring spaces lead to energy and creativity. We seek beautiful office spaces inall ofour locations, and in 2020 we’ll be taking occupancy of a stunning new office on the top two floors of Madison Center in downtown Seattle – this space features floor to ceiling windows with stunning360 degreeviews of the Puget Sound, and an exclusive private rooftop deck.

Competitive Health Benefits

Access to high quality healthcare is core to our business, and we care that our employees don’t have to worry about visiting a doctor. All employees receive competitive health, dental, and vision benefits packages.

Choice of High-End Equipment

We want to make sure you’re empoweredtocreateamazing things. We give new employees the option of a variety of high-end computers and accessories.

Investment Opportunities

We believe in the importance of investing in yourself in a variety of ways, including financially. We offer a strong 401k plan, with options to invest in traditional, Roth, and after-tax options, all backed by a best-in-class platform from Prudential.