Senior Staff Product Manager- Fleets at Twitter

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Remote (US) or New York • Full-Time • Posted 69 weeks ago

Company Description

At Twitter, we consider it our responsibility to foster a healthy global conversation, inclusive and open to everyone in the world who wants to join.

Job Description

Twitter’s purpose is to serve the public conversation, and Fleets is one of our most ambitious bets in this space. The world needs a lighter weight way for sharing thoughts and moments, and Fleets gives our customers an avenue for ephemeral sharing on Twitter. It is a brand-new Twitter surface area and allows for us to explore innovative creation and conversation experiences such as voice chatting (Spaces link), Live, Music, and more!

You will build, develop, and lead a strong team of Researchers and mentor them throughout all facets of research, from conceiving and crafting new research initiatives, to executing data collection and analysis, and to delivering meaningful insights that have a direct impact on product strategy and design decisions. You’ll know exactly when to engage with leaders across Design, Product, Engineering, Sales, and Marketing, what questions to ask, where to probe, and how to implement the most effective research strategies to address critical business needs. You’ll thrive in a fast-paced environment, decisively set and prioritize research goals, budget, and resources, and act as an advocate for our customers at the leadership level. Above all else, you’ll invest your energy and talents in supporting the career growth and development of the people on your team.


  • 7+ years of experience in a product management role
  • Experience delivering consumer, ad-supported products that scale to large numbers of customers
  • Extensive experience writing clear and concise Product Requirement Documents
  • A strong interest in working with user research to deeply understand customer needs
  • Strong quantitative skills and comfortable digging into the data
  • A demonstrated history crafting compelling product visions and strategies and are adept at presenting them in both written and verbal mediums
  • Sophisticated technical understanding of trade-offs to strengthen your partnership with our engineering teams
  • Computer science or engineering background preferred